versiunea in romana


To appreciate the quality of a wine is more than necessary to taste it in special destined rooms with temperature between 18 and 20 Celsius degrees. The recommended temperature's level for wine testing are compulsory as a too low temperature leads to a loose in flavour and taste of wine, while the high temperature makes the whine to become flat.

Uncorking the bottle is being done when the wine is quiet and taking care not to destroy the cork or beware of pieces of it not to be dropped inside the bottle. Afterwards the wine may be served.

The wine tasting starts first with the new white and dry wines, followed by semidry and semisweet white wines, and next on the row are the red wines in the same order, followed by white and red sweet wines, and finally the old wines.

For wine testing, must be use a transparent goblet without inlays glass of wine with a long shape and slightly narrow towards the upper edge.

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