About Us

Here is the Rovinex story, the wine is on the house

In the Selective Colloquies, Erasmus in Rotterdam tells us about Eutrapelus, the king of feasts, who ordered that the wine be paid by “the one who tells the most delightful story and the one who tells the most boring story”.

The Rovinex Taste

As it was known abroad

We are a company with an unaltering presence and continuity established in 1969, whose initial object of activity was the trade of imported food products.

In the beginning of the 2000s, following the change of the main object of activity to the production of grape wines, the wine treatment, conditioning and bottling factory was finalized in the beginning of 2007, by completing an investment worth 20,000,000 EUR, and on June 1st, 2007 we began the wine production.

Following the decision to change the object of activity, by public tendering, we took over the brand portfolio belonging to the Romanian Vine and Wine Factory before 1989, the only institution authorized to provide the international delivery of Romanian wines to China and Europe, Russia, Germany or England, etc.

In the past, our brands advertised the taste of Romanian wines abroad, while currently, we take pride in the production of wines of the highest quality for the Romanian people back home as well.

The Wine Spring of Vrancea

A Source of Longing and Joy for Winemakers

Between the longing to go and the longing to come, seasons come and seasons go, but tradition stays the same. Back home, viticulture is a traditional occupation passed on from one generation to the next, which benefits from favorable natural conditions in terms of climate, soil, vine, including the advanced winemaking knowledge of our internationally renowned experts.

We’ve been preserving the same traditional values for hundreds of years in caring for grapevines and grapes until processing, but currently, modern conditions enable us to produce high quality wines.

Noble Wines

We produce noble wines which make the most out of the area particularities and provide those who taste them with all the grape fragrances. Our mission is to revive the pleasure of Romanians for drinking noble wines from the Vrancea vine region, famous for hundreds of years.

The people in the area have been loyal to the grape vine since ancient times, and whine has always been a wholesome companion for our people, a symbol of friendship and inspiration for daily literature.

When the Sky Begins to Cry and the Earth is Roaring with Laughter, the Wine Starts to Flow

Embodying a certain region and a certain period in time is part of the magic of wines. For us, the vineyards of Odobesti, Cotesti and Panciu mean history, winemaking, local folklore, people and their stories, elements which are distinguished by the taste and personality of the wines.

It is a joy to know that the soil is toiled with the highest technologies, and these efforts are meant to preserve the health of the vineyards which enable us to produce our noble wines.

The presence of certain bugs in the vineyards, the presence of birds and wasps, of rains, the sun, bacteria and fundi, nitrogen in the soil and the naturalness of the vine growing cycles impose the taste, fragrance and quality of the wines.

An Honorable Place for Romanian Wine

The Rovinex brand echoes across the decades in the history of Romanian winemaking, being the initiator of Romanian dreams abroad since the mid 20th century. Traditional wine brands have been reborn – Romanian Classic, Romanian Cellars, Vinul Strămoșesc, Elixir, etc., which have advertised the Romanian name worldwide through the quality of the wines.

We proudly carry forth the tradition of the Rovinex brand, we impose high professional standards from harvesting, winemaking and bottling to the pouring of the grape nectar in our friends’ glasses.

From Pure Love for Wine

We produce wines of controlled origin, geographic indication, variety wines and variety blend wines, all to the taste of our consumers. We know that choosing a whine may become quite simple if trust is established between the winemaker and the customer.

Our customers look for balance, elegance, freshness. We rise to their challenge by the values of production, with the winemaking facility being equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for producing wines.

Wine as a Social Binder

Our mission is to produce noble wines, which people drink with great pleasure. Our wines are produced with professional dedication and their taste strike a chord with all kinds of people.

Our starting point was the philosophy whereby wine is deemed a convivial drink and that each man is entitled to enjoy select wines, longer conversations, longer lunches and more embraces, to being more cheerful.

Social Responsibility

We Area a Company Rooted in the Local Communities

We connect with our partners and collaborators who help us bring the taste of Rovinex wines closer to each Romanian. We are responsible for the quality of our wines, but we are also responsible for the inner human relations created within the community between:

  • We work alongside engineers specialized in winemaking procedures within an environment dedicated to professional development. We ensure a balance between the working time and free time, we have well established procedures and the satisfaction of our employees is always a management priority.

    The Employees

  • We produce wines to the satisfaction of our customers and we strive to make each bottle an exceptional organoleptic experience. We have refined the production circuit in all respects, so that the Rovinex wines may provide a higher quality for nectar of the gods enthusiasts.

    The Customers

  • We work alongside grape growers from 3 vineyards from the Vrancea region - Panciu, Odobesti and Cotesti - and their work in pruning and harvesting the grapes is refined within our factory in Focsani thanks to a modern technology and certain winemaking techniques which enhance all wine qualities.

    The Suppliers

  • The Rovinex network has national coverage and we work alongside distribution partners who are experienced and passionate about wines.

    The Distributors

  • We support the winemaker communities working on the Vrancea land and caring for the vines with effort and commitment. Our employees are locals who have been working in the vineyard-winemaking fields for several generations. Our mission is to support the high standards in relation to the local communities and own employees.

    The Community

  • We have optimized all the winemaking processes at the Rovinex factory in Focsani in order to enable us to obtain a reduced footprint on the environment. Our waste management circuit is closely monitored in order to maintain a clean and friendly environment.

    The Environment